useless wooden noise

Useless Wooden Noise - episode 12

November 9, 2020

Episode 12 is here! We have crossed the 1 year milestone and to celebrate, we asked our friend Brién to create our very own theme, a huge shout out to him and his incredible musical talents, go check him out on bandcamp/spotify etc. (links over at the blog).

Also on this episode - a bit of birthday banter is discussed, alongside all our usual chat. We have a couple of new 'useless wooden question' segments - thanks to Jesse and Beads their answers this month.

Listener Q&A supported this month in-part by wireless skateboards rider and ripper, Marc Beggan, who kindly supplied us with a stream of audio questions from a bunch of Belfast heads, massive thanks to all!

Thank you for listening, show links here -

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